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The Process
Getting Started with Our Capital Investing

  • Review the frequently asked questions
  • Fill out an online interest form to receive further information
  • Contact us and schedule an appointment:
                                  Primary  559-320-5968

After You Decide To Invest

  • You place your funds with Ampez and sign all necessary documents.
  • You immediately begin to accrue interest.
  • ARI provides due diligence information that is available at any time to you:
Property information
  • You may tour projects at any stage and any time you  wish.
  • You begin receiving your monthly interest check at the beginning of each month.

You Commit to an Investment

You may request your funds returned at anytime free of charge. However, due to the nature of real estate transactions, the return of your principal may take as long as 90 days, but never to exceed 150 days. You continue to earn interest until your principal is transferred.

The Transaction Closes

Once one project is completed and sold your money is then moved to a new project. There is, possibly, a short period of downtime between projects when your money may not be in play. However your principal funds continue to earn interest regardless.

Payments Mailed to You

On a monthly basis, Ampez Rehab Investments sends the client dividend interest checks either by mail or are direct deposited into the clients desired financial account.

For more detailed information on the process and the paper work, please call the office at

Primary –  559.320.5968
Office -  516 W. Shaw Avenue , Suite 200
Fresno, CA 93704
Telephone – 559.221.2540
Fax – 559.221.2660

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